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Lens, Sound, Chemical & Code—or whatever we can get our hands on. We're a group of artists, designers and programmers based in Portland, OR—with backgrounds ranging from physics to fine art to music—combining our interests, curiosities and fascinations to craft unordinary brands and experiences.

ARt & Design
Art Driven Aesthetics
Brand Design + Voice
Creative Direction
Print & Assets
Album & Film Covers

Music Composition & Production
Top Lines

+ Film & Musical Creative Direction
We work with bands and film makers to develop their visual and sonic expression, crafting album covers / film posters but also marrying them with sound design, soundscaping, scoring and music production to craft a holistic epicly immersive aesthetic and sonic world.
Album Art + Film Art + Scores + Top Lines + Production
+ Brand & Aesthetic Alchemy
We approach your branding needs from a place of play. 
Everything begins with the analogue, be it a geometric logo drawn out with hand and tool, or a groovy texture crafted inside of a petri dish, our approach guarantees a fully unique visual aesthetic customized to your needs and applications.

Brand strategy + Creative Direction + Identity
Some folks we've worked with

Press & Bits
"Often Minimal" featured
January, 2015

October, 2014

Aim High For Life
December, 2013

You can also find our projects here:
Often Minimal

Often Criminal

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