Something familiar & something strange...

We are an art duo crafting abstract (and occasionally grotesque) experiences via analogue tools + code.

ARt & Design
Art Driven Aesthetics
Brand Design + Voice
Creative Direction
Print & Assets
Album & Film Covers

Music Composition & Production
Top Lines

+ Film & Musical Creative Direction
We work with bands and film makers to develop their visual and sonic expression, crafting album covers / film posters but also marrying them with sound design, soundscaping, scoring and music production to craft a holistic epicly immersive aesthetic and sonic world.

Album Art + Film Art + Scores + Top Lines + Production
+ Brand & Aesthetic Alchemy
We approach your branding needs from a place of play. 
Everything begins with the analogue, be it a geometric logo drawn out with hand and tool, or a groovy texture crafted inside of a petri dish, our approach guarantees a fully unique visual aesthetic customized to your needs and applications.

Brand strategy + Creative Direction + Identity
Some folks we've worked with
Press & Bits
"Often Minimal" featured
January, 2015

October, 2014

Aim High For Life
December, 2013

You can also find our projects here:
Often Minimal

Often Criminal

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